ImpactThe IMPACT Team is a group of people committed to using their gifts and passions to serve. We not only have the responsibility and privilege to serve, but it is necessary for our personal growth. Everyone is called to serve because we are called to reflect Jesus. There is no time we are more like Jesus than when we are serving! For more info click here

TABLEDid you know that Jesus spent a large amount of his time in ministry eating around a table? Jesus was more than sharing a meal, he was offering fellowship and acceptance to people, even the despised tax collectors! We want to image Jesus by being an authentic community that gathers around the table. For more info click here


Sometimes adjusting our schedule for another church event can be challenging. Meet Ups are a great way to connect with other members in the church and develop meaningful, lasting relationships through our everyday schedule. Let us know if you would like to join one, or even start your own! No one is meant to do life alone! for more info click HERE