Before the foundations of the earth came into existence, before you and I were ever born, Jesus was. He is the eternal Son of God, the Messiah, the one true King.

But His kingdom is not like earthly kingdoms….

The more powerful a person becomes, the more they separate from everyone else. How many of us would love to meet the President, or the Queen of England, yet we know most of us will never have the chance; but not with this King! He willfully came to earth to be intimate with a people that were in desperate need of salvation. When you truly love someone, you don’t send a letter, or a messenger, you go yourself, and that’s what King Jesus did for me and you. Despite being equal with God, He humbled himself by taking on the form of a SLAVE, willfully relinquishing all His rights, in order to come to earth and save me and you.

During his time on earth, He spent time with the homeless, drug addicts, outcasts, untouchables, broken, rejected, despised, lost, and marginalized; He loved to reach out to people who were never looking for Him. We do a great job at labeling those that need Jesus and those that don’t, but Jesus taught everyone needs Him.  He ate dinner with criminals, and washed the feet of thieves and sinners.  He crossed religious barriers, social barriers, geographical barriers, and racial barriers, all to find the one who is hurting and hopeless. He taught to love your enemy, and bless those who curse you . He taught to serve others, and consider the needs of others above your own . He taught to love unconditionally, and always be ready to forgive . He taught the weak are actually strong, and the poor are actually rich . He taught that mercy triumphs over judgement.

Although the world was made through Him, they did not receive Him; they wanted a different King. He was rejected, ridiculed, beaten, mocked, betrayed, and eventually sentenced to a criminal’s death – the cross! A worthy King degraded himself, in order that He could bring a degraded people into a place of worthiness. All of this confirmed what was written about Him hundreds of years before He walked this earth . Knowing this would be His fate, He still came because you mean that much to him. In fact, He came with joy! What kind of King leaves his throne and glory to die for sinners? What kind of love is this? Could it be that we really do have a God who is madly in love with us?

King Jesus paid the price that we should have paid; this is the Good News. God has made a way to experience new life here and now on earth, and His name is Jesus. There is no system or magic formula, no amount of church attendance or charitable deeds, that can help you move one step closer to heaven, only Jesus can. The scriptures show Jesus touching and transforming lives everywhere He went. Where ever you are right now, you can experience the life transformation that comes through a personal relationship with Jesus.

If you pray this prayer, not just with words, but honestly believe in your heart that Jesus is real and alive, Jesus will come into your life! This is the most beautiful and holy moment in your life. Jesus is waiting with open arms for you….are you ready to pray?

Dear God,

I am tired of trying to live my own way. I have messed up in so many ways, and I recognize there is nothing I can do to change things. I have sinned against you, and I ask you to forgive me for my sins, and wash my sins away. I believe you are the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and I believe that you died for my sins. I believe that you were raised from the dead, and you offer new life to me. I surrender my entire life to you, Jesus. I am leaving my old sin behind me. I want to live for you for the rest of my life. Give me the power of the Holy Spirit to glorify you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now that you have given your heart to Jesus, please contact us so we can help you take the next step.

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