Our Mission

To make disciples who live on mission.


In order to accomplish our mission, we are committed to 5 key principles:

ENGAGE – Outreach and Evangelism

If we are to make disciples, we must be intentional about reaching the lost. As followers of Jesus, we all have the privilege and responsibility to make Jesus known within our spheres of influence. The scriptures overwhelmingly reveal a God who is absolutely committed in doing whatever it takes to reach the one! If we are to represent Jesus accurately, we must also be deeply committed to reaching the lost – no matter the cost!

EMBRACE – Community

It is impossible to grow outside of relationship; in fact, it is even dangerous to journey through life alone. If we are to mature as followers of Jesus, it can only be done in the context of community. We believe because of God’s design, there is a longing within every individual to not simply live in community, but be a part of a community. We cannot do life alone!

EMPOWER – Teaching

Disciples of Jesus are continually growing in their knowledge of the truth. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds, and our minds are renewed as we continually meditate and study the scriptural truths.

EXPAND – Serving / Missional Living

Disciples of Jesus understand that life is no longer about self. There is perhaps no greater way to express the character of Christ then by serving others. Furthermore, our passion is to empower people to see that WE are the church, not a building. We want people to see their jobs, schools, families, etc. as unique platforms that God has provided to share the gospel.

EXALT – Worship

Disciples of Jesus understand worship is not something we do, but something WE ARE. Worship is not for a moment, but a lifestyle. It is our desire to teach a God-honoring life through continual worship.